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Here you will have the opportunity to order our cakes.  All of our cakes are homemade and made to order,  Our sumptuous traditional Caribbean home made cakes, are made from our secret family recipes.   Ingredients include some of the finest spices and rums from Barbados. After your first taste we are sure that you'll want to try them again and again!






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Decorated Cakes

Sponge or Rum fruit cake 6" Gift boxed £25

Sweet Bread (coconut Bread)


This richly textured coconut bread is a traditional favourite of all Barbadians. When offered, it is seldom refused. It can be eaten anytime, day or night. The sweet aroma from a Bajan Sweet bread in the oven will draw neighbours you never knew you had.

£35 (8" cake)

Rum Cake 

Rum Cake is known by a variety of names, including wedding cake, christmas cake, or black cake, due to its dark appearance. It is a variation on the traditional English fruit cake that calls for fruit to be soaked in dark rum. The longer the mixture is soaked, the better and more intense the flavour will be.

From  £35 (8" cake)

Carrot Cake

Nothing beats a classic carrot cake - this one has a touch of cinnamon and walnuts.


From  £35.00 (8" Carrot Cake)

Bajan Conkies


Conkies, are a  corn base Barbadian delicacy, which is  traditionally made during the month of November, celebrating independence (Nov 30th). Conkies were originally made to commemorate the old British colonial celebration of Guy Fawkes Day (Nov 5th). The sweet  unique flavour garnered from combining cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, raisins, sweet potatoes and spices, all steamed 

£25 (12 x  Conkies)


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